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[Happy Campus] My school uniform I choose - 2017 Yuecheng experiment small

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School uniform is the image culture of campus mobility

It is a beautiful landscape inside and outside the campus.

To further promote the construction of campus culture

According to the Ministry of Education's "Opinions on Further Strengthening the Management of School Uniforms for Primary and Secondary School Students" (Teaching One [2015] No. 3)

Yuecheng Experimental Primary School plans to lay out uniforms with special characteristics

Ensure that students in the 2017 school year wear a school uniform that is satisfactory

School uniforms choose work site meeting

At 8 o'clock on the morning of August 13, more than 80 students and school uniforms suppliers invited by Yuecheng Experimental Primary School sat in the small step room to discuss face-to-face consultations on student uniforms.

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