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What should I pay attention to when buying a school uniform?

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First, the school uniform fabric must pass, now many bad businesses to reduce costs for low-cost competition, the use of inferior quality, cheap toxic fabrics, children wear dermatitis and other skin diseases, endangering health, so be sure to ask the merchant before ordering (PH value) Determination of formaldehyde (HCHD) content of heavy metals banned aromatic amines) copy of the "test report" of the clothing (remarks: many businesses online P picture fake, must be a copy)

Second, the quality must pass, some kindergarten schools have booked inferior garden clothes for the sake of greed. When parents get the school uniforms and go home, they will fade. The children will pilling, deformation, clothes opening, and smashing. The constant complaints from parents have greatly damaged the image of the school and the trust of parents.

Third, we must first look at the sample, confirm the "test report", and wash the water. Confirm the correct order and then place large orders to avoid large losses.

Fourth, we must find a strong, reputable business. It is convenient to replenish the garden every year, and if something goes wrong, it can be solved in time.

Just pay attention to the above four, I believe you can buy a good school uniform.

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