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Henan Daxiong Eagle School Uniform

Here is the hometown of Zhou Xingyu, the author of the Chinese classic <Qian ziwen>, here is the important birthplace of the "Kui" culture, shining on this hot land a star enterprise that is well-known in the Central Plains - Henan Daxiong Eagle Clothing Co., Ltd. .

Create a school uniform brand - excellent team makes famous brands

After more than ten years of development and market testing, the Great Eagle School Uniform has reached more than 1,000 cooperative schools. Strong strength, advanced equipment, strict management and high-quality service are the guarantee for the quality and reputation of Daxiong uniforms.

Create a school uniform brand – blending traditional elements to highlight the school uniform culture

The beautiful campus is a holy place to cultivate students' spiritual temperament. The school uniform is the display of campus culture. With the concept of “Let the school uniform inherit the traditional culture” and the design style of “combination of classic and modern”, the big eagle uniform is not only for students to wear school uniforms, but also to create a “school uniform culture” and truly make school uniforms. Light up the campus and integrate campus culture into the school uniform!

Create a school uniform brand - high quality and excellent materials to create a safe school uniform

With the aim of “green and healthy”, the Great Eagle uniform is a high-quality school uniform that students can afford. Reach the parents, let the school be satisfied, and let the students love it.

"Aspirations are high, and the eagle spreads its wings." The big eagle school uniform team is flying in the innocent blue sky with the ambition of flying, flying higher and flying farther...