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Henan Daxiongying Group was established in 2003. The company is a professional school uniform company integrating creative design, production and sales. The production team of 3,000 people has an annual output of 10 million sets of uniforms, and is inspirational to build a Chinese school uniform carrier base.

The company has advanced production technology and modern professional production lines, introduces outstanding talents in the garment industry and design masters in the domestic uniform industry, introduces advanced design concepts, adopts modern management mode, and strictly guarantees after-sales service. The products are popular among the general public. Love and sought after. There are 8 production workshops and 40 production lines. The annual output value has exceeded 500 million yuan. The products are mainly sold to Henan, Shandong, Shanghai, Beijing and other places. Now it has spread all over the country and opened up foreign markets.

"Into the cloud for the peak of art, the world will see the bottom of the stream." With the business strategy of “revitalizing quality, striving for brand, quality service and expanding market”, we adhere to the principle of “quality first, integrity”, people-oriented, advancing with the times and continuous innovation. Based on the tenet of “green, environmental protection and health”, the big eagle uniform is positioned as a high-quality school uniform that students can afford. It is truly customized to shape the campus image, interpret campus culture and enhance the core competitiveness of the campus.

"The aspirations are high, the eagle spreads its wings." The big eagle school uniform is determined to be a soul. While striving to build a Chinese school uniform aircraft carrier, we will actively learn and carry forward the spirit of the “Belt and Road”, keep up with the pace of the party and the government, and firmly establish a “based on one party and drive one piece”.