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Workshop director

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Henan- -
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Sales Department
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Full time
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No limit
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Regular college
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Job Responsibilities:

1. According to the production tasks issued by the company, arrange the work progress of the workshop reasonably.

2. Production management of each team in the workshop, supervising and inspecting the production schedule and plan of each team and each process.

3, production staff management, education, training, with the human resources department for assessment, rewards and punishments.

4. Implement standard production methods and propose reasonable methods to improve production efficiency.

5. Do a good job in production cost control and cost accounting every month.

6. Responsible for the preparation, revision and improvement of the work instructions in the formulation, improvement and quality system documentation of the various management systems within the workshop.

7. Responsible for the post setting, post quota, staff assignment and appointment of the team leader.

5. Responsible for the safety work of this workshop. Including: safety education, labor protection wear, safe production and safe operation equipment.


1. Proficient in garment production technology, production management and personnel arrangements;

2. Many years of experience in garment factory management is preferred;

3. Familiar with the production operation and management of the factory, with rich experience in production management and quality management;

4. Being able to properly handle the relationship between the superior and the subordinate and the cooperation with all relevant departments;

Sales Department
Workshop director